Last week, a lawyer and mother of three boys testified against Governor Tim Walz’s (D-MN) woke education policy bill that would integrate CRT into schools’ curricula, seeking to “embed ethnic studies into state academic standards” beginning in kindergarten.

The bill describes “ethnic studies” as the analysis of “the ways in which race and racism have been and continue to be powerful social, cultural, and political forces, and the connection of race to the stratification of other groups, including stratification based on gender, class, sexuality, religion, and legal status.”

During a committee hearing on Tuesday, March 21, Kofi Montzka, a Black woman, took it upon herself to stand up for her children and all other black children who would grow up being taught that they are disadvantaged based on the color of their skin.

Kofi Montzka

“The bill tells kids of color that they are stuck in a caste system based on their race,” Montzka said. “It also tells kids, and I quote, ‘that institutions chronically favor white people and disadvantage people of color.'”

“I’m sick of everyone denying the enormous progress we’ve made in this country acting like it’s 1930,” Montzka continued. “We used to have a race-based system. We got rid of it and now you’re all trying to bring it back.”

“This curriculum will not help kids of color succeed. All it does is remove any reason to try,” Monztka insisted.

Montzka then shared a story about something that happened a month prior in her son’s high school band class. She said that the teacher spent 20 minutes of class talking about antiracism.

“He told the kids to ‘look around,’ and then he said the Black boys in the school would likely not live to retirement because of racism and police,” Montzka said.

“If this law is passed, teaching this hopelessness to kids of color will be mandated starting in kindergarten,” she warned.

“And I can see why you white proponents of this bill might support it. It’s not your kids being told that they can’t succeed, and you get to shed some of your ‘white guilt’ in the process, but you legislators of color – how can you?… You hold some of the most powerful positions in this state, yet you want to tell my kids and other kids of color that they can’t succeed? It’s shameful, it’s terrible.”

One week later, Montzka appeared on Fox News’s ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ where she told host Laura Ingraham, “Ethnic studies is not as benign as you’d think it is.”

Kofi Montzka on ‘The Ingraham Angle’

“Really, although they say it’s antiracist, it’s really racist at its core. The whole curriculum just groups kids by race and pits them against each other.”

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