Maybe Hillary or Bernie can use this footage in their next campaign ad. What a great way to bring American voters over to their side…

A poster on Twitter who identifies as a Black Muslim man claims to have been the person seen on news video chasing and tackling a young white male Trump supporter following a Trump rally in San Jose Thursday. Using the Twitter handle “Houdini @sizzle_seyf”, the man posted the news video and retweeted congratulations on his chasing and tackling the Trump supporter.

This video shows anti-Trump thugs sucker punching and attacking Trump supporters. Near the end of the video, the young white Trump supporter can be seen running from the mob. The pictures and video below show what happened when the black Muslim man finally caught up to him:

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Here are the still images of anti-Trump Muslim “Houdini” chasing and tacking a Trump supporter leaving the rally in San Jose, California.

Before the Trump rally, Houdini had been posting about “My Ramadan.” The Muslim punk who calls himself “Houdini” has made his Twitter account private since bragging about tackling this young Trump supporter

muslim tackles trump supporter I

muslim tackles trump supporter II

muslim tackles trump supporter III

muslim tackles trump supporter IV

muslim tackles trump supporter V



Here’s the video:

Via: Gateway Pundit

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