After a second bloody weekend that saw multiple shooting deaths and injuries, including a 14-year-old boy at a large party, Detroit’s police chief vowed to step up enforcement.

Shootings at parties where there have been more than 200 people have “become an increasing concern for us,” Chief James Craig said during a press conference at Public Safety Headquarters downtown.

“We’re working on getting intelligence as to why it happened.”

Five people were shot at about 9:30 p.m. Sunday at a gathering at a car wash at Gratiot and Whithorn. That followed a quadruple shooting at about 11 p.m. Saturday during a party near an apartment complex at Conner and Shoemaker.

The victims of both incidents were expected to recover, Craig said.

On June 20, 11 were shot at a block party on a basketball court at Webb and Dexter. A 19-year-old was killed.

Police have not received much cooperation from citizens in any of the three shootings, and no arrests have been made, Craig said.

“It’s kind of a recent anomaly that we had three separate large-scale events and haven’t gotten any information,” he said.[…]

Craig said he will work with city officials to see if revamping the city ordinances governing block parties might help stem the violence, but he said that’s not a priority.

“The ordinances do work,” he said. “We have to be aware that there’s going to be a block party. We encourage parties. We want neighbors to enjoy their neighborhoods. But the police department needs to be aware of it, because we do monitor those to make sure they’re safe events.

Anyone who wants to hold a block party must inform the police precinct and get a permit. However, there are also large parties that take place without permits, and Craig said he doesn’t want officers breaking those up if they’re peaceful.

“This is a festive time of the year, and we’re not going to be going through neighborhoods shutting down parties. That’s just not feasible,” he said. “Should we know there are parties going on? Absolutely, if for no other reason than to let the folks who are enjoying the festive time of the year know that we’re there.”

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