Have we learned nothing?

The Associated Press is reporting that a sign that said, “Black Press Only!” was posted on the door to a meeting in Savannah, Georgia.

Only black reporters were allowed inside the meeting to discuss the upcoming mayor’s race.

A meeting at a church in Savannah was planned as an effort to unite the city’s black community behind one candidate for mayor. The election for mayor will be November 5th. There were shocking signs posted on the doors that said: “Black Press Only!”

White reporters were not allowed in the meeting but two black reporters and a black local newspaper publisher attended the meeting.

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Reverend Clarence Teddy Williams was the organizer of the meeting with the press but he refused to discuss the signs that prohibited anyone but blacks.

The sign below says “Black Media Only” on the bottom left-hand corner:

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Mayor Eddie DeLoach is running for a second term after becoming Savannah’s first white mayor in twenty years.

There are three black mayoral candidates including a Savannah city councilman Van Johnson. He spoke at the meeting about his “vision for an inclusive Savannah, a progressive Savannah.”

When Johnson was asked by local news WTOC-TV about the blacks only meeting, he said: “It’s not my meeting. Again, I was asked to come give a statement, and so I came and I gave a statement.”

Louis Wilson also attended the meeting and is running for mayor after a failed bid in 2015.

Regina Thomas is also running and skipped the meeting because she said it appeared divisive and was scheduled too early in the campaign.

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