No lies…no slogans, just an honest Christian family man who happens to be unbelievably accomplished and has a  background that’s an open book. He was raised by a single, illiterate mom in the worst ghettos of Detroit and became one of the most famed neurosurgeons in the world.  The less the left tells America about black Republican candidate for President, Dr. Ben Carson…the better.
Hypocrisy runs in their veins…
Here’s a screen shot of the placement of the Ben Carson announcement on the Huffington Post:
ben carson huffinton postFROM THE HUFFINGTON POST: Ben Carson made an unusual musical choice as he officially announced his presidential bid Monday at the Detroit Music Hall.
To set the scene, Carson had a gospel choir perform an a cappella rendition of “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, who also spent much of his childhood in Detroit. It’s quite remarkable. And bizarre.The choir, Selected of God, first recorded its gospel version of the gritty song in 2011. A representative for Eminem did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Huffington Post apparently feels Ben Carson’s choice of a  black gospel choir is “bizarre:”

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