The Obama’s have convinced Black communities across America they are victims. It’s true they are victims, but they’re victims of a fatherless culture, and not of the White man or cops as Barack Obama would like Americans to believe. When will the men in these communities start taking responsibility for raising their children? Until these grown men start taking an active role in raising their own children, these lawless (and sometimes innocent kids who get caught in the line of fire) will never have the opportunity to grow up and realize their full potential. You can’t have entire communities of boys and girls growing up without dads and expect a different result than the one we’re seeing today.

We think this street artist hit a HOME RUN with their powerful message to this community

FOX 2 Detroit – There were mixed reaction to the controversial tagging of a contentious catchphrase in Highland Park. The slogan is on an apartment building on Woodward and Pilgrim.

“The message is cogent to today right now especially this particular area because there are not a lot of black dads who are actually being fathers,” one person said.

Stacey Calwise spoke about her 8 and 4-year-old children.

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“Their dads are black but they’re not around. So as far as black dads matter, not in their case,” she said.


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Via: FOX2Detroit

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