The anti-Trump, and anti-Republican singer, Frank Ocean is giving away free stuff to people who vote in four key urban districts where Democrats are hoping to unseat popular conservative Republicans in Houston, Miami, Atlanta and Dallas.

In an announcement he made on his Tumblr account, Frank Ocean, the anti-Trump singer informed voters they could get free stuff from pop-up shops in four cities where Democrats are targeting Republicans, the only catch is, they need to take a picture of themselves voting, and two of the four states that qualify are states where taking photos inside a polling place is illegal.

The free merchadise is covered with the number 42, highlighting what they call the “largest political party”,  which is actually a percentage of non-voters in America.

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Ocean’s Twitter account did eventually warn about laws in GA and TX that prohibit taking photos inside of the precincts. The only problem is, it was several hours after the polls had already opened. Frank Ocean’s account tweeted about being careful in states like Texas and Georgia, where taking photos inside the precinct is against the law. Ocean’s account warns fans of the anti-Trump artist to “be smart y’all” and don’t get arrested taking a picture.

We asked if we could still get free stuff if we voted for a Repbulican? We’ll keep everyone updated with their answer.

By 1 pm , Frank Ocean Daily’s Twitter accout was reporting that they’ve already ran out of freebies in Atlanta…LOL!

Ocean is part of a group fo 24 artists who are asking their fans to back Democrats only in the election.  The last song (#17) on Ocean’s new “Blonded” album below is titled, “Impeach the President”.

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