If the title of this book was “White Skin Privilege” you would likely find it in just about every college campus library or school book store. Conversely, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find the “Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream” book on any college or high school reading lists. After all, discrimination is a one-way street and as usual, the left gets to determine who’s being discriminated against and who’s guilty of discrimination…


In 2013, conservative writers David Horowitz and John Perazzo released a Kindle pamphlet titled, “Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream,” and today I want to give you an inside look courtesy Frontpage Magazine.

In the pamphlet, the authors argued that, in their “obsessive quest to find evidence of illusory ‘white skin privilege,” the left instead winded up creating “black skin privilege.”

“Its effects can be seen in the presumption of guilt on the part of innocent whites (think Duke lacrosse team) on the basis of their skin color, while guilty blacks (think O.J. Simpson) are often presumed innocent,” the authors wrote.

Think also of Mike Brown and Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson. The left turned Wilson into a bogeyman of alleged racial terror, while they portrayed Brown as an innocent “gentle giant.” Not surprisingly, the evidence eventually vindicated Wilson and proved without a doubt that the real villain had been Brown all along.

“Blacks can commit racist attacks on whites certain that civil rights ‘activists’ who sift the news obsessively for black victims will either not notice or dismiss such attacks as a form of delayed ‘justice’ for the historical oppression of black people,” the writers added.

Indeed. I try to cover as much racial crime as possible, but frankly, too many stories of blacks assaulting whites appear on my feed for me to legitimately address them. If you want to know more about such crimes, I suggest you follow Colin Flaherty on YouTube:


Here is an excerpt from the book:


“The result of such prejudice — there is no better word for it — is the creation of an optical illusion of deeply embedded, if largely invisible, white racism that creates vast numbers of black victims when the social facts show quite a different situation,” the authors added.

According to FBI crime data released earlier this year, whites and Hispanics are far more likely to be killed by a black person than a black person is to be killed by either a white or Hispanic person.

Alas, these sorts of facts “are suppressed (or shrugged off) by the media and civil rights “activists” dedicated to creating a one-sided and propagandistic narrative of race in the United States.”

As a result, we live in an age where every black criminal is automatically assumed to be a victim, while every white victim is automatically assumed to be a perpetrator.

It’s sad, but it’s all part of Obama’s America …

Via: DownTrend

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