Last week, when the left cried foul over President Trump’s first rally being held on June 19th, or “Juneteenth,” President Trump decided to change the date of the rally and moved it to June 2oth.  CNN, the network known for propaganda and misleading or outright false stories, wrote about how Trump’s rally is taking place on “Juneteenth weekend.” Apparently, according to CNN, “Juneteenth,” named for the day of June 19th, is now a weekend-long event and any event held by Trump on “Juneteenth weekend” should offend all black Americans.

For his part, CNN’s unhinged host Wolf Blitzer called out the thousands of Trump supporters who are getting out to support President Trump “Despite the coronavirus pandemic.”  Curiously, Wolf was unconcerned about the spread of COVID19 during the riots and violent protests over the past several weeks.

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During a recent segment on CNN, a breathless Fredricka Whitfield of CNN reported that an astounding 136 new cases of COVID19 are being reported in the past 24 hours in Tulsa County.

The CNN reporter on the ground speaking to Whitfield attempted to convince CNN viewers that Trump’s supporters are telling her they don’t necessarily want to be there but are attending the rally because President Trump wants them to be there. They’re “taking their cues from him,” adding, they’re taking their cues from him on “whether or not to wear a mask” as well, she said.

Right Side Broadcasting Network’s Liz Willis spoke with black Trump supporter, Bruce Carter, who was in line to get inside the Trump rally. During her interview with him, Carter held up his phone to show her how CNN used his image to promote a fake news story about tension at the rally.

The fake news network CNN’s chyron read: “Tulsa Braces For Clashes, COVID-19 Risk at Trump Rally,” with a photo f Carter who appears to be having an animated conversation with someone.

During his interview with the RSBN reporter, Carter revealed how someone sent him a clip from CNN featuring Carter’s image, as they attempted to make it look like an angry Carter was ready to riot. Carter laughed it off, calling them fake news, while Willis pointed out that CNN pretends to be the network for black Americans, yet they deliberately used a photo of a black man to make it look like he was inciting a riot at the Tulsa Trump rally.


Is it any wonder that Sponge Bob Squarepant’s re-runs and other popular cartoons beat the low-rated CNN in ratings?

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