On June 10, people in at least 27 cities are gathering to march for human rights — and against Sharia Law. The nationwide day of protest is being organized by ACT for America, a grassroots organization that is the self-proclaimed “NRA of national security.”

The New York City event is being organized by Pax Hart, a writer and political commentator.

“There were initially 18 other March Against Sharia rallies scheduled for June 10. After Manchester, people were furious and started contacted us through Twitter to find out how they could organize a rally in their own city. I think it’s now up to 27 cities,” Hart said. –BigLeaguePolitics

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An unidentified interviewer caught up with a black Trump supporters at a #MarchAgainstSharia event at Foley Square in NYC. The video can be seen below. Here is a partial transcript of the conversation:

“CNN is a part of this. They’re in bed with radical Islam. All mainstream media is in bed with Sharia Law and that’s why I’m here ladies and gentlemen, to wake you up to mainstream media being complicit. They’re in bed with Sharia Law. It’s incompatible with the United States.” 

It’s hard to distinguish what the interviewer asks, but the Trump supporter answers the interviewer by saying that he loves Infowars, and goes on to thanks Infowars founder Alex Jones by saying, ‘Thank you brother, I love you!”


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