Rep. Justin Amash held a town hall recently to rant about President Trump and how he believes he should be impeached.

The media played it off like it was 100% in favor of what Amash was saying…except, they didn’t report on this:

Kyle Morris of Breitbart tweeted:

Black voter praises President Trump during Justin Amash town hall:

“From what I’m seeing, for the black community and minorities, is that Trump is good for America. And I’m wondering why the Republicans and Democrats are fighting him so much when he’s doing such a good job?”

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“You’re demonizing him on something that you know is not true. It’s just bewildering to me that you can treat the president of the United States in this way, especially when he’s doing such a good job for minorities and black people.”

Amash went on to claim that president Trump is the one demonizing people who have differing policies. What Amash isn’t getting is that President Trump is fighting every day against a D.C. culture that is no for the American people. The Democrats refuse to change our immigration and asylum policies and that deserves to be demonized!

President Trump is being brutally honest. It’s the tough love that is needed right now.

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