In an incredible video that’s being shared on social media, a black woman can be seen walking up to a red Mercedes parked on the side of the street with a brick in her hand. She walks up to the back window on the passenger side and confronts a woman in the back seat, “Excuse me,” she says, opening the back door with her right hand, while holding the brick in her left hand. “Bitch, don’t give no group of black men a brick!” she shouts at her.

The girl in the back seat appears to be nervous, answering, “Ok—ok, you’re right, you’re right,” as the man in the front seat says, “I’m sorry.”

“Why would you give that to them?” she asks, adding, “They’re gonna get in trouble!”

She blasts the car full of white occupants, telling them, “That shit is wildly disrespectful.”

It’s hard to hear what the white people inside the Mercedes are saying, but they appear to be defending their friend, to which she replies: “I don’t give a f**k about your friend!” She continued, admonishing the dirty thugs trying to get the black kids to do their dirty work, “I’m talking about this white bitch giving a group of black man a brick to throw!” Finally, she asks the two black bandana-wearing men in the front seat, “You know that shit could get them killed? You know, just having that could get them killed?” she asks as she turns to walk away, disgusted with their actions.

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Watch the exchange here:

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Trump supporter, “Red Viper” shared a close-up of the license plate of the vehicle where the occupants had just admitted to giving a group of black kids a brick to throw.

Former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik shared a map yesterday, that showed where the riots took place the night before,  asking “Is there anyone that truly believes that this was not an organized event?

For anyone who thinks the brick-throwing that’s taking place across America is spontaneous, check out this video:

Watch this black person who videotaped a random group of bricks stacked up next to a bus stop.

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