All the progress that’s been made with race relations in America since the civil rights era has been ignored by so many angry blacks who’ve bought into the carefully orchestrated Obama, Sharpton and Holder race war funded by their friend, George Soros. 

Since the liberal mainstream media wants to use the horrific massacre in Charleston to attack conservatives, disparage white people and act as if Dylann Roof’s actions represent a normalcy, I thought it only fair to bring up the case of a black woman from Charleston, Sista Solove, who this week essentially asserted that white supremacy is leading us towards a race war against “crackas.”

She made the statement on Wednesday while speaking with Breitbart Texas editor Brandon Darby outside the Mother Emmanuel American Methodist Church in Charleston.

When he asked her what she thinks will ultimately result from Roof’s actions, she replied, “The real question is … if it were the other way around, what would that be?”

If a black person … if a nigga killed nine crackas, he would be dead. We wouldn’t even be talking about his raggedy ass. Okay. But this cracka is, ‘Oh, he’s mentally ill. Oh, ya know, pray for him. Oh, they’ve got support systems for him.

No, it’s an agenda, and there’s going to be a race war because it continues to happen. You cannot go pray. You can’t be a child at a playground. You can’t wear a hoodie with Skittles. You can’t be black.

What’s a good nigga supposed to do, Massa? What’s a good nigga supposed to do not to get shot? That’s a good question, ain’t it?

The reason Roof happens to be alive to this day is because he complied with police orders and did not resist arrest. This places him in stark contrast to the likes of, say, Mike Brown and Eric Garner.

The comment about “a child at a playground” referred to 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who died in an unfortunate incident after a bystander reported “a male sitting on a swing and pointing a gun at people.” The gun turned out to be fake, though according to reports, Rice reached for it when the cops told him to put his hands up.

And as for the comment about how “you can’t wear a hoodie with Skittles,” that referred to Trayvon Martin, who was justifiably shot by George Zimmerman after he attacked the guy for no legitimate reason whatsoever.

Anyway. Sista Solove then delivered what Breitbart contributor Lee Stranahan accurately described as “the academic Marxist message of ‘white privilege‘ that underscores the current Black Lives Matter movement”:

It’s called white privilege. You don’t understand where our anger comes from. No one gets it. Our history comes from our family telling us, ‘Oh, you can’t be black. Don’t do this, don’t go to that fountain, don’t do this’ and we’re still dealing with this shit. What are we going to do with the anger? What are we going to do with the anger? What do we do?

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