Wow! In what can only be described as an epic rant, a black woman who’s is trying to get home with her kids in her vehicle is being blocked by Black Lives Matter protesters. It doesn’t take long for her to tell them exactly what she thinks of them “protesting on her behalf.” (***language warning***)

“Black lives don’t matter if you vote for Democrats!” she yells at the protesters, demanding they move out of her way so she can get home with her children who are inside the vehicle.

“Move the f**k out of my way!” she shouts, telling them, “Black lives don’t matter if you vote for Democrats!”

“My kids are in the car, I want to go home!” she tells them.

She blasts them for timing their BLM protests around elections, “You racist white liberals do this shit every f**king four years!” adding, “We’re tired of it.”

“If you care about us, then take your ass to the abortion clinics and tell them to stop killing our f**king babies!” she shouts.

One of the protesters can be heard telling her, “We’re here for you.” The black woman with the video snaps back at her, “You’re not here for me, you’re here because you’re dumb as f**k!”


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