Words cannot properly express the disgust I feel for these low life protestors…

#BlackLivesMatter organizers have decided that Memorial Day is not really about honoring our military men and women who gave their lives for our nation, but instead about a black revolution movement.

Keegan Stephan, a semi-professional sh*t disturber and white #BlackLivesMatter protestor, appears to have been especially affected by a serious case of white privilege.



Here are pictures from the original event hosted by two British artists on the beaches of Normandy to commemorate the lives of 9,000 brave men that were lost on D-Day.



d-day sand


sand drawings


Of course the #BlackLivesMatter protestors brought painted towels instead of doing the actual work of creating the outlines. When you’ve got George Soros backing your movement, you can afford the custom made towels. They make a great little souvenir for kids who are being indoctrinated into the white privilege movement or kids who are being raised to not trust anyone who’s white or wears a police officer’s uniform.

@KeeganNYC has a history of stirring it up. He also has a history of posting fake acts of violence by police officers against blacks. Here is a video he posted on Twitter. Watch closely and you’ll see the man who is being “pushed” in the background is not being pushed by a cop, as Keegan would like you to believe, but instead by a man in a jogging suit. It’s all part of the Obama-Sharpton-Holder-Soros War against America…

h/t Weasel Zippers




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