THE COMMON THREAD IN ALL THIS IS HATE – THE HATE COMING FROM: Black Lives Matter, Nation Of Islam and New Black Panthers. They all have a common theme of hate for cops and for white people. The shooter today took the life of fathers, sons and husbands….

Here’s a BLUE LIFE that mattered. In fact, he mattered a LOT. He mattered to his baby boy who was only months old. He mattered to everyone who loved him and to the neighborhoods and communities he courageously patrolled…


Baton Rougue Police Spokesman L’Jean McKneely said in the above press conference that it was not clear how the shooting started on Sunday morning. The shooting took place near a B-Quick Convenience Store on Airline Highway, near Old Hammond Highway. One of the shooters was found dead near the story, reports The Advocate. Police used a robot to find out if there was an explosive device inside the store.

CNN reports, citing a source close to the investigation, that police were called to the area when there was a report of a “suspicious person” walking down Airline Highway. The shooting started when police arrived. Shooting was first reported around 8:40 a.m.

Baton Rouge Chief Administrative Officer William Daniel told The Advocate that two of the deceased officers were Baton Rouge police officers and the third is an East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s deputy. – Heavy

So…who will accept responsibility for this horrific act of hate? Will Black Lives Matter supporters who openly chant “Pigs In a Blanket…Fry Like Bacon” assume responsibility? What about our Community Organizer in Chief? What about his lawless AG and the lawless AG before her whose job it is to ensure justice in America, but instead works with Obama to encourage BLM protesters to carry on with their violent protests and disruptions across America…

Speaking of Community Agitators…

Here’s a Twitter user reminding BLM of their now famous chants:

Here’s a Twitter user who takes to Twitter to express his over-the-top hate for our law enforcement:

And then there’s this hateful little punk who tweeted this to us:

I love cop killers

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