The events that have occurred within the past few days are vitally important to understand.  Basically, during this very important time, where war is looming and tensions are high, our State Department seems to be going rogue.

Though complex, I will try to explain what has been happening between the Ukraine “players”.  (Unfortunately, it seems as if the military operation occurring in the Ukraine is being treated as a “game” by some U.S. politicians who seem uncaring about their ability to hurt so many.)

Let’s start at the beginning.  Last weekend, the US Department of State, Secretary Anthony Blinken, made a statement and “greenlighted’ a plan for Poland (a NATO ally) to send MiG-29 fighter jets into Ukraine.  Blinken made the statement in Moldova to three media outlets.   Poland, however, only first learned of the plan through the media.  It is fair to say Poland was caught off guard.  Per, pro-Ukraine western media began asking the Polish government for details.  The reply that came back from Poland was “Fake News!” Poland stated it had no intention of sending the jets into Ukraine.

It was horrifyingly evident that Blinken did not actually discuss the matter with Poland before he made his statement about the jets! But, this gets even better… (or, technically, worse) because yesterday Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby, during a press conference, explained that the U.S. Military does NOT support sending any NATO planes from Poland into Ukraine.  The military assessed it to be escalatory and too high of a risk to take.

So, apparently Blinken also failed to discuss his decision to greenlight the planes with the Pentagon!  As pointed out in the article,  there seems to be “two competing factions within the U.S. National security apparatus” now.  One group is the Penatgon and “the other is a completely rogue operation coming from the State Department. The article also reached the stunning conclusion that “The U.S. Secretary of State, seeking to leverage the public pressure of a global community aligned in favorability toward the Ukrainian people, unilaterally made a national security policy decision that would trigger an escalated NATO conflict with Russia.”

Luckily, Poland assessed the situation and told Blinken it wasn’t going to happen. Blinken, however, with his statement, had created quite a ruckus within western government about the plans for the planes, and he left Poland to fend for itself in trying to end the mess.  He stayed quiet.   So, in response, and without telling Blinken first,  (what’s good for the goose…) Poland ended up making a statement that they would send the jets to Ramstein AFB in Germany, but would not send them to Ukraine.   So, if Blinken wanted  to use the jets to create his war with Russia, it was now his move… Poland stepped out of the pile Blinken had put them in, and, by calling Blinken’s bluff, necessitated the Pentagon getting involved and putting the brakes on the whole idea.


This whole situation highlights the brokenness of the U.S. government. It also points to the fact that U.S. State Department is trying to become its own branch of government. A branch that wants power over the outcome of global events.  [Can’t help but wonder if this same scenario played out with the Afghanistan tragedy?]

All of this is bad enough.  But, now, add on top of this situation Vice President Kamala Harris’s diplomacy skills. (NONE).  While in Poland, she was asked questions about the ever-changing situation with the jets, as well as questions about Ukrainian refugees.  Her response was about the worst a person could give at that time– she dodged, then laughed.   None of this is funny anymore… Never was, never will be.

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