It was bound to happen…The thugs with Antifa and BLM can’t help themselves. They have to do what they know best…throw hate and violence out into the streets of America. It’s been going on for way too long. Trump supporters are the ones who have been assaulted and threatened by the left since the moment he announced his run for president. Who wants unity with these goons?

The goons followed MAGA supporters to the Hilton where they surrounded the hotel and were shining lasers into the rooms:

The MAGA supporters were followed to the Hyatt Hotel too:

“What are you going to do bitch?”

Blac Bloc member and female Trump supporter clash at Hyatt Hotel’s entrance in DC.

During a presidential debate, Joe Biden called Antifa an “idea.” He couldn’t be more wrong about this group that President Trump designated as a domestic terrorist group.

The video below shows the comment from Biden and then clips of Antifa violence:

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