A group of BLM/Antifa thugs descended on Trump supporters last night after most of the Million MAGA March attendees had dispersed. The radicals began to attack groups of Trump supporters when they knew they weren’t outnumbered. They attacked the people who were most vulnerable like the elderly and young families. They also attacked men who were walking alone because they knew they could overpower them.

While Joe Biden calls Antifa “just an idea” and the media refuses to report on the violent BLM/Antifa thugs, Americans are being assaulted in the streets of DC.

The video below shows a group of thugs trying to steal a Trump flag from a couple who were just walking down the street:

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Families were also harassed in the streets:

A young Trump supporter was attacked by group of thugs:

The attacks were sickening:

The media will spin this but the truth is on video.

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