Now that they’ve ravaged cities and destroyed the livelihood of business owners, the radical left and disaffected Democrats are moving their Socialist revolution into residential neighborhoods, demanding that Americans pay the price for their hard word and success or suffer the consequences.

On Friday, Bernie Sanders supporter and progressive journalist Fiorella Isabel reminded Bernie supporters that they will not have a voice in the Democratic virtual convention. Isabel reminded Bernie supporters that their power is not in the electorate but instead, is in the streets.

Isabel is correct. These violent protests are not spontaneous—we were warned they would happen if Bernie lost the Democratic Party nomination. BLM and Antifa working in unison to tear down cities and threaten neighborhoods in America is not an accident.

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In January 2020, Bernie Sanders’s campaign officials were caught on undercover videos by Project Veritas, explaining how they would resort to violence to achieve their Socialist goals, using any means necessary to win.

Watch this Project Veritas video showing Martin Weissgerber, a Bernie Sanders field organizer and avowed Communist calls for killing the rich, “Guillotine the rich!” he says.

Only six months later, mobs of leftist radicals are now roaming through an upscale neighborhood in Beverly Hills, CA shouting, “Eat the rich!”

This Tik Tok video shows protesters outside of “quiet Beverly Hills neighborhood” adding that it’s past curfew.


Protestors outside quiet Beverly Hills neighborhood, police are nearby. It’s past curfew. They can be arrested. #blm #policebrutality #beverlyhills

♬ original sound – theconvocouch

Here is the same mob of “BLM” protesters chanting “Abolish capitalism now!” Because capitalism is somehow racist?

This tweet by the far-left “The Convo Couch” group, claims protesters outside of a Beverly Hills neighborhood are shouting, “Wake they rich asses up!”

This Twitter user who claims she’s a day trader is suggesting the mob should be targeting Jews and that they’re in the wrong neighborhood in Beverly Hills, because the residents are mostly Persian.

Here’s another shot of the neighborhood protest and what these new tactics look like:

Beverly Hills, CA isn’t the only neighborhood the leftist mobs are targeting. Last night, they terrorized a residential neighborhood in D.C.

Last night, the same far-left group, “The Convo Couch” shared a video of leftists shredding an American flag on the side of a building in Beverly Hills.

h/t The Gateway Pundit

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