Yesterday, Jackson Sparks, an 8-yr. old boy who was a victim of the Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre died of his injuries. The young boy who was walking with his 12-year-old brother was struck by the maroon Ford Escape that was allegedly driven by a violent BLM supporter with a lengthy rap sheet which included driving over the mother of his child only days before the parade. In addition to 8-year-old Jackson Sparks, victims of Sunday’s attack include Virginia Sorenson, 79; LeAnna Owen, 71; Tamara Durand, 52; Jane Kulich, 52; and Wilhelm Gospel, 81.

Jackson’s brother Tucker, who was also a victim of the evil Christmas parade killer, is still in the hospital.

BLM supporter and violent serial offender Darrell Brooks Jr. was escorted into court yesterday afternoon wearing shackles. Brooks is accused of driving through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday afternoon, only days after the Rittenhouse verdict was reached only 54 miles away in Kenosha, WI.

Brooks was active on social media and posted about his support for BLM causes and Black Nationalism. He also posted about how to run over people in the street and get away with it.

A shackled 39-year-old Brooks entered the courtroom yesterday afternoon. Two law enforcement officers walked him to his seat. As Brooks sat in his chair, his female attorney reached over, wrapped her arm around him and appeared to be comforting the accused mass murderer, as she patted him on the back as she spoke.

The Waukesha Prosecutor in the Wisconsin Christmas parade massacre, Susan Opper, read the pending case from November 2, 2021 case against Brooks to Waukesha County Court Commissioner Kevin Costello: “The allegations in this case, your honor, are that he struck the mother of his child in the face with a closed fist. Then, when she was walking away from him, he intentionally ran her over with his vehicle. The vehicle in that matter described is what’s believed to be the same maroon 2010 Ford Escape used in the allegations in this case.”

“I wish to notify the court that today, sadly, we learned of another death of a child related to this case. We do expect a sixth count of intentional homicide to be added to this case,” she added. Opper explained that they intented to file six counts of intentional homicide and explained that at least 60 people were victims of the horrific act of violence and many of them are still in critical condition.

Waukesha County Court Commissioner Kevin Costello set Brooks’ bail at $5 million, saying it is “warranted.”

The violent, wanna-be-rapper was allowed to kill and maim so many innocent people when he was cut loose on “inappropriately low” $1,000 bail in the November 2, 2021 case where he punched and ran over the mother of his child with the same vehicle.

While the attorney is compelled to represent Brooks, is she also forced to wrap her arms around him and comfort him?

Jackson and Tucker Sparks’ aunt has set up a GoFundMe account for the parents. On the fundraising page, she wrote:

The family is facing mounting medical expenses with two children receiving medical treatment, and time away from work. Any donation, large or small, is so appreciated and will make a big difference to the Sparks family. Aaron and Sheri are people of faith, so please continue to lift them and their boys in prayer. Even if you’re not able to give, please share their story.

To donate, go HERE.

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