Nancy Pelosi and friends have been working tirelessly to convince Americans Trump supporters are somehow a danger to their fellow Americans. When Antifa terrorists, undercover FBI agents, and Trump supporters made their way into the Capitol on January 6th, the Dems tried to blame it on President Trump. But, as hard-working journalists behind the scenes uncover more and more evidence, it’s beginning to look more and more like Trump supporters were victims of a set-up.

Why does the mainstream media breathlessly report every statement by Nancy Pelosi about their investigation into the January 6th incident while completely ignoring the ongoing violence by Antifa and BLM terrorists?

Late in the evening on September 3, BLM terrorists stormed an NYPD station in the Bronx. They assaulted police officers who were defending their station, and one of the police vehicles was doused in gasoline. All of these acts were caught on film by the incredible independent reporter Andy Ngo, but the mainstream, of course, has no interest in the threat this domestic terror group poses to our brave police officers or the American public.

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Antifa terrorists are so emboldened by the media’s protection of them and the judicial system’s coddling of them that they’re taunting conservatives over the media, Democrat Party, and the broken judicial system’s persecution of political prisoners from the January 6th incident.

In the video below, Antifa extremist Miguel Louis of Olympia Washington told an independent reporter, “You’re sad because you lost on January 6th and my people are winning,” and “my people are going to continue killing you.”

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Antifa and BLM are domestic terror groups, while “QAnon” is a fringe conspiracy theory group that most Trump supporters never even heard of until January 6th. After the Capitol incident, Pelosi and friends attempted to convince the American public that a small group of people theorizing Trump (“Q”), has some sort of hidden power that will save the world from evil pedophiles and tyrannical globalists, is a serious threat to our democracy.

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