According to one Swedish journalist, President Trump is absolutely correct in his assertions about Sweden.   Journalist Chang Frick says that while there are a lot of debates surrounding what is going on in his native country, you CANNOT depend on the media there to properly report it.

On one side you have the Swedish mainstream media that are very close to liberal press in the United States. We do not have anything like Fox News in Sweden, so there is not any big ”right-wing” media. Instead of Fox News, there is an ”alternative” scene with different kind of media outlets, some more serious than others.”

Frick describes the suburb where he lives as a “heavily immigrant dominated” area and says that he is getting his information about the violence by just looking around.  He says he does not consider himself a conservative but does think it is his duty to accurately report the news, no matter his personal feelings on it.

“Is it correct that Sweden got major problems handling the immigration? I would say yes. My grounds for claiming that is just by looking out the window where I live, inside a migrant dominated area. Almost every evening cars are set on fire and police officers are attacked by criminal gangs. But you don’t read very much about it in the Swedish main stream media.”

Frick describes the immigration coming primarily from middle east countries as changing Sweden a lot.

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“We have areas that are not even close to something we used to have. I am of course referring to the ”no go areas”. And those areas are growing...lots of immigrants are living on social welfare. And they have nothing meaningful to do during the days.”

Frick said that President Trump is absolutely correct.  Not just based on his experiences, but because of what police officers have told him who have worked on issues related to immigration.

(Source: NYHETER)

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