2020 Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, who was in the Democrat debate last night, said, “the real winner of the debate last night was Donald Trump” during a campaign event in Salt Lake City, U.T.

He began his speech with some self-deprecating humor by asking the crowd, “So how was your night last night?”

Then Bloomberg declared Trump the winner:

Pundits called Bloomberg’s first debate a “disaster”…The entire debate was a disaster!

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Bloomberg is wasting his money, but it’s great to have one more person on the debate stage to take it to Bernie Sanders.

Bloomberg skewered Sanders in the line of the night:

Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg ripped into each other the entire Democratic debate, but the best line came from Bloomberg.

Bloomberg: “The best known socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses.”

Bernie went nuts. He went on to list his houses and try to make excuses…LOL!

The entire debate was a hot mess. Candidates talked over each other and argued.

It was ugly.

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