Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has been under pressure since the November 2020 election to come clean on the “counting problem” in Fulton County and other counties like Gwinnett where funny business was going on. No explanation has been given for so many discrepancies in Atlanta and other areas. Instead of going full steam ahead to really look into the “counting problems,” Raffensperger had a monitor look into the problems. Of course, the monitor nipped around the edges of the “counting problem” in his 29-page memo but never dug deep.

Is Raffensperger trying to get out in front of bigger problems by calling for the Fulton County elections to be taken over by the state?

Just yesterday, Raffensperger told Just the News that he wants Fulton County elections taken over by the state under a new law that addresses localities with habitual problems counting ballots, dramatically escalating his battle with the state’s largest urban center in the aftermath of the 2020 election:

“I think people are saying, enough is enough.”

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Just the News also published a 29-page memo written by Carter Jones that outlined widespread mismanagement and irregularities in Fulton County during the November 2020 elections, including insecure transport of ballots, violations of voter privacy, and double scanning of absentee ballots.

Raffensperger suggested that “the state election board can come in and replace the election director and really take over the governance of that,”

He has already recommended firing top Fulton County election officials, which the county declined to do.

Raffensperger addressed the 29-page memo by Carter Jones addressing irregularities in Atlanta:

“What he said was it’s all this mismanagement. The upside, positive note was that he did not see illegality or ballot stuffing. But all that mismanagement, dysfunction, what it does, it creates voter distrust, and it really lends itself to conspiracy theories. So it needs to be fixed. It’s our largest county. And you know, people that live in Fulton County, like I do, I’m tired of it. But so is everyone else who lives in the other 158 counties.”

Is this a too little too late effort by the Georgia Secretary of State to try and appear as though he’s on top of preventing voter fraud?

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