When you are constantly bombarded with news stories of teenagers these days eating laundry detergent, snorting condoms up their noses, and marching out of class to demand the government take their liberties away, it can be rather difficult to be optimistic about the future generation.

However, not all of America’s youth have been successfully brainwashed by the government run public education system.

Take pro-gun Virginia Beach high school student Aidan Jackson for example. Jackson is boldly standing up for Second Amendment rights by planning a “March for Our Guns” rally, an answer to the “March For Our Lives” movement that held a gun control protest several weeks ago.

WCMH-TV is reporting:

A Virginia Beach teenager is planning a “March for Our Guns” rally.

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Fifteen-year-old Aidan Jackson was inspired to hold the rally after seeing “March for Our Lives” rallies across the country last month.

“When I saw the ‘March for Our Lives,’ I saw a lot of people for gun control. Not every youth believes that. Gun control is not the answer,” he said.

Jackson, who is a freshman at Ocean Lakes High School and a member of the Virginia Beach Young Republicans, said he participated in his school’s walkout day.

He said he did not agree with the other students’ messages, so he made his own sign that read, “Gun control is not the answer.”

“Someone came up out of the blue, looked at me, read my sign and ripped my sign. The entire school applauded,” he said.

Despite the incident, Jackson said it encouraged him to have the plan.

“It inspired me because they came up to me and said, ‘I don’t necessarily agree with you, but you really are brave to have gone through that,'” he said.

Jackson plans on having the event April 21 at Mount Trashmore.

Jackson went on to state that he is inviting anti-gun individuals from his school to attend the rally as well so they can hear why so many individuals are standing up for the right to bear arms.

This young man seems to have a solid head on his shoulders, a rational individual who wants to see both sides of an argument fairly represented and their voices heard.

We adults could probably learn a thing or two about boldness from Jackson and how to handle negativity from the opposition in a way that is courteous and calm.

If more kids turn out like this one, perhaps the future isn’t so dim and gray after all.

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