On Friday, Brazilian President Bolsonaro spoke to a vast group of Brazilians who gathered to show support. The speech came after a month of quiet following the troubling elections this fall. At the end of October, Brazil held elections in what was portrayed as a hotly contested race between popular conservative President Bolsonaro and Lula Da Silva a man with a criminal record of corruption and an avowed socialist.

Lula Da Silva

The Biden Administration has said Brazilians should not question their elections, the same message Americans have been given following the 2020 election and the 2022 midterm election. Brazil’s election saw similar problems to U.S. elections; uncounted ballots, and machines that are not trusted and did not function correctly. The Biden’s State Department even put out a statement saying that Brazils election restored faith in elections. Tucker asked why the Biden administration is meddling in Brazil’s elections. U.S. CIA chief William Burns traveled to Brazil last year and warned officials that Bolsonaro could not question the upcoming election results, giving rational free-thinkers a healthy skepticism of what’s happening behind the scenes. Being told something is not up for questioning would draw the opposite response especially with the number of people who are already skeptical of the U.S. government and their foreign involvement in Brazil’s elections.

Brazilians have flocked to the streets by the millions to protest the elections, which they have claimed were unfair. Bolsonaro has not conceded, has attempted to fight in the left-leaning court, and has been begged by Brazilians to use the military.

On Friday, Bolsonaro spoke to a crowd that had gathered. He spoke with confidence and inspired hope saying, “We will Win.”

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