In the initial interview with the owner of this BBQ restaurant it was clear that this guy had good intentions. His intent was that we’re all Americans and that we have special months and days for others but not one thing for whites. Could be that people might think he’s doing this for the publicity but if that’s the case, he got more than he bargained for…

DENVER—The Hispanic restaurant owners who ignited an uproar over their plans to hold White Appreciation Day next month were forced to evacuate their barbecue joint late Friday after a bomb scare.

Co-owner Edgar Antillon said Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ in Milliken, Colorado, was shut down for several hours during the dinner rush after a bomb threat in posts on social media, but he later said that the eatery plans to reopen Saturday.

Shortly before the evacuation, Mr. Antillon told the Washington Times that he has received numerous threats and criticism over the restaurant’s plan to hold White Appreciation Day on June 11. Mr. Antillon and Miguel Jiminez bought the restaurant last month.

“It’s been phone calls, it’s been emails, it’s been on social media,” said Mr. Antillon. “Some are just, ‘Hey, you’re an idiot,’ and others have been legit threats. The former owners of this establishment are receiving threats even though they have nothing to do with this thing. It’s unfortunate.”

He announced Thursday on Twitter that white customers would receive 10 percent off their tab on White Appreciation Day, but he emphasized Friday that the discount would apply to all patrons, regardless of their race.

“It’s like we’ve said many times before, if a black person comes in here and says, ‘Hey, what about my discount,’ they’re going to get a discount,” Mr. Antillon said. “If a Mexican comes in here and says, ‘I want a discount,’ they’re going to get a discount. Nobody’s going to be turned down for anything.”

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