After Donald J. Trump won the 2016 election, actor Robert DeNiro was asked if he thought the violent protests against President Trump were an appropriate response to the outcome of the election? DeNiro told the interviewer, “Yes, absolutely. Things aren’t being done right.”

DeNiro followed up in a video by calling President Trump, a “punk, a dog, a pig, a con, a bullshit artist, a mutt who doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” threatening, “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

A lot has happened in DeNiro’s miserable life since Trump won the 2016 election.

He’s had multiple, outrageous, vulgar and embarrassing public outbursts over Trump’s victory.

Last week, DiNero appeared on CNN with Brian Stelter where he went on an F-bomb tirade over Trump.

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His wife has filed for divorce from him and seeking custody of their daughter, and now, the angry, far-left actor is finding himself embroiled in a #MeToo lawsuit.

You know what they say about karma…

According to Fox News – A former employee at Robert De Niro’s production company slammed “The Irishman” actor with a federal lawsuit on Thursday claiming he harassed her and discriminated against her for being a woman – then retaliated against her when she told him of her plans to take legal action, according to bombshell court papers.

“Ms. [Graham Chase] Robinson has no choice but … to send him a message: the Harvey Weinsteins of this world should realize their approach is extinct. You can no longer intimidate women. You can no longer threaten them,” Robinson’s attorney, Jeremy Heisler, told FOX Business.

In one example, De Niro allegedly went ballistic on the woman, calling her a “spoiled brat” in an explicit voicemail when she did not answer his phone call, according to the suit.

“How dare you f—— disrespect me?,” he said in the voicemail, in which he also told her: “You’re f—— history.”

In a statement provided to FOX Business, De Niro’s attorney, Tom Harvey, called Robinson’s allegations “beyond absurd.”

Robinson worked for De Niro’s Canal Productions, Inc., from 2008 to 2018.

“She joined as an idealistic young woman who hoped to advance in the film industry have her own production company, but instead of giving their challenging assignments and giving her duties that match her titles, he demeaned her, treated her as… [an] object — as a woman and therefore his possession.”

Instead, De Niro allegedly gave her “unwanted physical contact,” and made unwanted “sexually charged” comments, court papers show.

“He treated Ms. Robinson as his ‘office wife,’ assigned her stereotypically female duties like housework, and insisted that she be available to him around the clock.”

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