The same woman who has been privy to our nations top secret classified information through our reckless former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has a father who openly advocated for state sponsored Sharia Law and a mother who Abedin’s mother founded an aid organization in the 1990s that was tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the same Secretary of State whose largest contributors to the Clinton Foundation Hillary’s campaign slush fund are from majority Muslim nations who police Sharia Law. Abed in is also currently serving as Vice Chair to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Is this a coincidence?


In August 2016, we reported that Huma Abedin made a surprise visit to Dearborn, MI. with absolutely no press coverage by the mainstream media. As a side note, Dearborn, MI has the largest population of Muslims in America.

According to the Arab American News:

“Huma Abedin, vice chair for the Hillary for America campaign, met with Arab and Muslim American leaders on Aug. 11, to discuss issues that matter to the community.

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During her speech, Abedin praised the patriotism and heroism of Muslims across the country, including the Khan family, a Muslim Gold Star family whose son, Captain Human Khan, was killed in Iraq while protecting his fellow service members.


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Syed Abedin, the father of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma, outlined his view of Sharia law and how the Western world has turned Muslims “hostile” during a wide-ranging video interview that shines newfound light on the reclusive thinker’s world views, according to footage exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Abedin, a Muslim scholar who was tied to the Saudi Arabian government until his death in 1993, has remained somewhat of a mystery as the media turns its eye to his daughter Huma, a top Clinton campaign aide who recently announced her separation from husband Anthony Weiner following his multiple sex scandals.

Syed Abedin explained his views on the Muslim world and spread of Islam during a 1971 interview titled The World of Islam, which was first broadcast on Western Michigan University television.

Abedin said that Arab states must police the upholding of Sharia, or Islamic law, and explained why the majority of Muslims view Israel and the Western world in primarily “hostile” terms.

The video provides a window into the Abedin family’s ideology, which has been marred by accusations it is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Abedin, who was then a professor in the university’s college of general studies, said that Western intervention in the Arab world has sparked a backlash among many faithful Muslims.

“The response to the West has been of two kinds,” Abedin said. “By and large the response has taken more of a hostile form.”

“The first impulse of the average Muslim in the Islamic world is that this kind of borrowing [culturally] would be somehow an alien factor into our social fabric and thereby destroying the integrity of our ethos … the integrity of our culture,” he added.

In a separate discussion on the state’s role in a person’s life, Abedin said it is necessary to police the application of Sharia law.

“The state has to take over” as Muslim countries evolve, he argued. “The state is stepping in in many countries … where the state is now overseeing that human relationships are carried on on the basis of Islam. The state also under Islam has a right to interfere in some of these rights given to the individual by the Sharia.”  For entire story: WFB

Human Abedin’s mother — who was the Muslim World League’s delegate to the UN conference — wrote in a 1996 article that Clinton anentire   d other speakers were advancing a “very aggressive and radically feminist” agenda that was un-Islamic and wrong because it focused on empowering women…

She seemed to rationalize domestic abuse as a result of “the stress and frustrations that men encounter in their daily lives.” While denouncing such violence, she didn’t think it did much good to punish men for it.”

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