In March 2021, Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit against Fox News. However, on Thursday, FOX News filed a brief in the case after discovering serious issues with Dominion and its voting systems. These problems were so significant that Dominion employees shared their concerns about the system, noting that there were bugs, installation issues, and problems so large they could produce incorrect outcomes. Yet when the outcomes were questioned by millions of Americans on January 6, many were subsequently arrested and charged with trying to overturn the elections. When in reality, most were trying to exercise their first amendment rights by asking for a thorough investigation into the abnormalities that occurred. According to the court filing, high-ranking Dominion employees were not even confident in the accuracy of the voting outcomes.
Raheem Kassam tweeted documentation of Dominion Director of Product Strategy and Security Eric Coomer privately acknowledging “our product sucks” and saying Dominion’s technological failings were “due to our complete f… up in installation. The private correspondence seen below took place prior to the 2020 Presidential election.
“Dominion voting systems internal messages (found thru the discovery process) admit their products “riddled with bugs” that can “lead to incorrect results.” No one else is reporting this???”

The mainstream media coverage and objective reporting on the Dominion voting machine have been severely lacking. While vast numbers of Americans are concerned about issues with voting machines, journalists have largely shared the same sentiment of “nothing to see here, move along” rather than investigate the claims coming from both political parties.
In a recent study, Rasmussen Reports questioned Americans on the Arizona midterm elections. They found that “71% of voters agree with Republicans and issues in AZ affected the outcome of the midterms. Including 65% of Democrats.”


Since the 2020 Presidential Election, there has been a coordinated effort by the Mainstream media and government officials to protect the results of the questionable election. Anyone who would like to see investigations into what took place following all of the abnormalities that occurred are labeled a conspiracy theorist and election denier. There remains a deliberate effort to demonize anyone who would like an investigation and documented proof of what happened during the 2020 elections.





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