When Christine Blasey Ford was asked about witnesses who could corroborate her unbelievable story about Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulting her over 36 years ago, she gave the names of 3 potential witnesses who could confirm her story. Not one of those 3 witnesses would corroborate her story about Judge Kavanaugh.

In a damning statement, that called her story into question, Leland Keyser, who Ford claimed was a close friend, said that she not only does not remember the house party where the alleged incident took place over 36 years ago but that she also has never even met Brett Kavanaugh.

Breitbart News reported that a relative of Keyser claims she felt that during her Senate testimony, Dr. Ford threw her friend under the bus.

What Ford told the committee about Keyser struck many as an attempt by Ford to attack her friend with the claim that Keyser would remember the incident if her health were not so bad, or that her health struggles forced her to lie because she does not have the strength, to tell the truth. Here is what Ford said:

Leland has significant health challenges, and I’m happy that she’s focusing on herself and getting the health treatment that she needs, and she let me know that she needed her lawyer to take care of this for her, and she texted me right afterward with an apology and good wishes, and et cetera. So I’m glad that she’s taking care of herself.

I don’t expect that P.J. and Leland would remember this evening. It was a very unremarkable party. It was not one of their more notorious parties because nothing remarkable happened to them that evening. They were downstairs.

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Now, that high school friend with “significant health challenges” is saying she’s skeptical of Ford’s sexual assault accusation against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh that according to Ford, took place during a party in the 1980s.

The New York Post reports that the friend who was allegedly with Ford doesn’t have any confidence in her story and was actually threatened in a group chat by high school friends if she didn’t corroborate Ford’s story.  

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“I don’t have any confidence in the story,” Leland Keyser told two New York Times reporters in their book “The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation.”

Those facts together I don’t recollect, and it just didn’t make any sense,” Keyser told the authors, Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly.

Ford testified at Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing that Keyser attended the Maryland house party in the summer of 1982 when Kavanaugh was 17 and Ford was 15.

Ford told the Senate Judiciary Committee last year that Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge pushed her into a room and Kavanaugh forced her onto a bed, tried to remove her bathing suit and attempted to rape her.

Keyser was downstairs when the alleged assault took place, Ford said.

Keyser threw cold water on that scenario.

“It would be impossible for me to be the only girl at a get-together with three guys, have her leave, and then not figure out how she’s getting home,” Keyser told Pogrebin and Kelly in the book that was published Tuesday. “I just really didn’t have confidence in the story.”

In a group text, one woman wrote of Keyser, “Maybe one of you guys who are friends with her can have a heart to heart. I don’t care, frankly, how f–ked up her life is. A lot of us have f–ked up lives in one way or another.’’

Another texter, apparently referring to what the book called Keyser’s “addictive tendencies,’’ said, “Perhaps it makes sense to let everyone in the public know what her condition is. Just a thought.’’

The authors say Keyser told them, “I was told behind the scenes that certain things could be spread about me if I didn’t comply.’’

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