It’s been one excruciating week catching up with the news on the squalid New Mexico compound ran by extremist Muslims who were keeping children living as if they were hostages or prisoners, malnourished and even learning how to become school shooters. After authorities were tipped off on, or around August 2nd by a message stating that people were “starving and need food and water.”

The compound was being surveillance anyway, but the authorities needed more evidence to make a bust. This was the tip that the FBI needed in order to finally raid the property while staying within all legal confines that would give them the authority to make arrests and gather evidence as needed.

The law came crashing down upon the compound with furious vengeance, grabbing five adults and bringing them in, gathering the likely sickly children and hoping to help them as well.

What happened next was disgusting. Judge Sarah Backus set them free on account of them not being a threat to the community, even though one child had passed away from an alleged exorcism and other kids were being trained in school shooting strategies. The judge has been bombarded with death threats since her controversial decision. However, two remained behind because they had previous warrants. Supervised child visits, ankle bracelets – it’s like they were avoiding taxes or some other non-violent crime white collar crime. Regardless, a little more digging into the dirt of their crimes and the law was able to determine that at least one of them was living in the country illegally for 20 or more years. Jany has to deal with ICE on top of her alleged crimes with the compound.

Reuters stated: “Jany Leveille, 35, was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Taos County on Tuesday and must appear before a judge to resolve her immigration status, according to a statement by ICE.

The immigration proceeding, which could lead to Leveille’s deportation, follows a raid on the compound Aug. 3 in which police said they found 11 children living in dirty conditions with no food or water. Three days later, police unearthed the body of a toddler at the ramshackle settlement north of Taos.

“Leveille has been unlawfully present in the U.S. for more than 20 years after overstaying the validity of her non-immigrant visitor visa,” an ICE statement said.

Kelly Golightley, Leveille’s lawyer, declined comment.”

It’s stated that she moved to Brooklyn, from Haiti, back in 1998. This information comes from her brother, Von Chelet Leveille, via a phone interview as he was in Haiti. She also moved around to different locations, some of which being Georgia and Philadelphia, with Philly being a sanctuary city, so that may have tied into her decision to infiltrate the city with her extremist ways.

Leveille moved to Brooklyn from Haiti in 1998 after their father died, according to her brother Von Chelet Leveille. She then moved several times between Georgia, Philadelphia and New York, following her separation from her first husband, Von Chelet Leveille said in a phone interview from Haiti.

She has six children who range in ages from 1 to 15.

Reuters continued to mention that the deceased body of a child was located at the compound and it could be the 3-year-old son who was believed to be abducted from Ibn Wahhaj’s other wife. This is the boy in which the prosecutors believe Ibn Wahhaj performed an exorcism on. Apparently, the helpless 3-year-old had demon spirits. Maybe it was the other way around, right?

Lawyers for the Muslim group are stating that there is a level of discrimination because they are black Muslims who taught their children to shoot. That argument might be more believable if this scenario was different, for example, a child in the home of a responsible adult who isn’t connected to an extremist faith or being starved and living in a dirty compound. Let’s not forget that they tried to exercise the demons out of a child and allegedly killed the boy.

Even if their gun argument holds up, there is still plenty of abuse going on when the children are starving.

At the very least, one of them might be deported for illegally living in America for 20 or so years.

Maybe ICE can fire up the Michael Jackson songs as they make Jany beat it.

Is anyone else fed up with this nonsense?


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