Sara Carter dropped another major bombshell last night on the Hannity Show.

Hannity started his show by addressing the stonewalling of the FBI and DOJ of Trump’s order to declassify and release unredacted documents related to the Russian collusion witch hunt. Fox News legal analyst, Gregg Jarrett, told Hannity that President Trump has the Constitutional authority to demand that the documents are declassified and released, and if they decide to defy the President, they should be fired immediately.

Hannity then asked Sara Carter about two sets of records at the FBI: “Sara, I’m hearing it gets worse than this–that there is potentially out there–if you will, two sets of record among the upper echelon of the FBI–one that was real, and one that was made for appearances. Is there any truth to this?”

Carter responded: “Absolutely Sean.” Carter claimed that she’s discussed this issue with several sources and that “there is evidence indicating that the FBI had separate sets of books.”

Sean attempted to clarify, that the FBI is using one set of books for the public and one set for the higher-ups in the FBI.

“I will not name names until all of the evidence is out there, but there were certain people above Peter Strzok and above Lisa Page that were aware of this,” Sara said. “I also believe that there are people within the FBI that have actually turned on their former employers are even possibly testifying and reporting what happened inside the FBI to both the Inspector General and possibly even a Grand Jury.”

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Sean turned to Fox Legal Analyst, Greg Jarrett to suggest that this is nothing short of a coup.

Jarrett warned, that “If they had two separate books, they were obstructing not only Congress, but they were obstructing justice.” Jarrett continued to explain how the Trump Russian investigation is a case study in how personal and political bias, motivated the FBI and the Department of Justice to abuse their authority, to target Trump, to spy on the campaign. They broke the law in the process.” Jarrett went on to explain that James Comey’s FBI knew that the dossier was a phony, but they didn’t care, that they “used it to frame Donald Trump, and that is a violation of multiple felony codes in the United States criminal code.” Garrett continued, “All of these people need to be brought before a Grand Jury by a serious, and legitimate prosecutor and be held accountable.”

Sean Hannity asked what the American public is going to learn when the declassification takes place and the unredacted documents are released? Hannity revealed that he was hearing from multiple sources that the FBI and DOJ are “trying to slow-walk this, and roll this out as absolutely slowly as possible” and that they’re “trying desperately to take out damning information” inside the documents.”

Sara Carter agreed, saying, ” I think that what we’re going to see is an extraordinary abuse of power, one that we have never seen the likes of, in the history of our country, coming from officials within the FBI and DOJ. There will be an enormous amount of exculpatory evidence that should have been turned over to the foreign intelligence surveillance court, and as for the slow-rolling, I am hearing the same.”

Listen to the incredible exchange here:

h/t The Gateway Pundit

Rep. Devin Nunes appeared on the Hannity Show last night to discuss why the unredacted documents have not yet been declassified by the FBI and DOJ:

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