Esteemed lawyer Victoria Toensing isn’t taking the biased opinion of Fox News’ Judge Napolitano sitting down.

It’s no secret that the judge is an anti-Trumper who constantly twists or mischaracterizes all things to do with President Trump.

President Trump recently called out Napolitano for his bias.

The latest comments on Fox News by Napolitano have to do with the demand by Democrats that President Trump’s lawyer should testify before the kangaroo court of Judiciary Committee Democrats including Nadler:

Once again errs, claiming WH waived Exec Priv letting McGahn talk to Mueller. No. Nap confuses Exec Priv law with other privileges. Special Counsel is Exec Branch. So McGahn talked to the same Branch. The court holds only material publicly released (Report)waived

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And again errs claiming McGahn can talk about what he learned as WH Counsel because he no longer works there. No. Privilege lasts forever. Do you think your lawyer should be free to discuss the info because she no longer retained by you?

Napolitano is dangerous because many Americans trust his legal opinion and he continues to mischaracterize what’s happening with President Trump on legal matters.

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