Fast thinking armed father in McDonald’s = 1   Armed masked man in McDonald’s = 0

A lot of customers in McDonald’s are breathing easier today because of an fast thinking, and armed father, who happened to be inside a McDonald’s restaurant in a Birmingham, Alabama when a masked man with a gun entered on the restaurant Saturday night and began shooting.

WFB -While the armed father was in the Birmingham fast-food restaurant with his two sons, a masked man entered and began shooting. The father then returned fire on the attacker, ultimately striking and killing him. The father and one of his sons were injured in the attack. No other injuries were reported.

“It’s really sad an otherwise positive day had an ending like this,'” Birmingham Police spokesman Sgt. Bryan Shelton told “Earlier we had such a spirit of celebration in the city because of the events going on and now families are having to deal with the tragedy of loved ones who are hurt or killed.”

Sgt. Shelton said the father acted in defense of himself and his sons.

According to WBRC- A terrified fast food employee is now thanking an armed customer who shot and killed a masked gunman Saturday night in Birmingham.

The shooting happened at the McDonald’s across from Princeton Hospital.

Markus Washington had to hide in the freezer as this all went down. He said he heard more than 15 shots fired.

Now, he’s owing his life to that armed customer.

“I’m feeling grateful,” he said. “Wrapping my head around it all, I was just wishing someone would come wake me up from this nightmare.”

It’s a nightmare that could have ended a lot worse for Washington and his coworkers.

“I was making two quarter-pounders and heard three shots ring, and then exchange of gunfire two more,” said Washington.

When Washington realized that the armed father had stopped the attacker, he said he was grateful the man had saved his life.

“I’m feeling grateful,” he said. “He’s my hero because I can only imagine how it would’ve went if he wasn’t armed. We might not be here having this interview.”

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