Blacks in America are seeing the writing on the wall with the push for mass immigration to America…and it’s not a pretty picture. Barack Hussein Obama, America’s “first black president” will do more to harm the black community in his reckless attempt to create a one-party system in America than any President in the history of the United States.

The unnamed activists representing the Lost American Network group makes some great points:

♦ ‘We in the black community We have seen videos of (Senator) Hall calling other organizations out there that are predominately white, “racists.” We would like to send a message to him. We feel that he is not representing the black community, so therefore, we feel that he is “racist.” We wanna know why black politicians like him have turned their back on the black community.”

♦ Unemployment is up to 70%

♦ Mass immigration takes away jobs and benefits from the black community.

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♦ Mass immigration takes away medical care and housing assistance for the homeless.

Watch her outstanding message to Congressman Hall here:


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