Charlie Daniels is a great patriot who has been involved in politics with excellent articles and tweets about the current political climate. We’ve posted numerous articles from him that are full of common sense conservative solutions. Daniels has it figured out when it comes to why the Obama administration and Democrats have woken up:

Obama has been low key in the past few months…even as he campaigned for a losing Hillary Clinton.

Suddenly Obama and the Democrats decided they CARE about Russia and so Obama got all tough with Putin, which is sorta hilarious if you think about it. Dump on top of that the mess in Israel, Obamacare, the Iran fail, millions of Americans out of work, and the attempts at forcing states to fund Planned Parenthood, and you have a nice big MESS that Trump and his administration will have to figure out.

Let’s face it, the Democrats are fearful of Trump’s success. Charlie Daniels gets it and tweeted out a comment that NAILS IT:

‘They’re scared to death of Trump’

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