Republican Glenn Youngkin has singlehandedly flipped the race for governor of Virginia with a completely grassroots campaign focused on the rights of parents. Several new polls have Youngkin leading Democrat Terry McAuliffe in a come-from-behind barnburner campaign.

The latest Fox News poll has Youngkin up by a whopping 8 points when the race was tied just last week. The DC Examiner has Youngkin up by 5 points. The Real Clear Politics Poll also has Youngkin on top:

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Terry McAuliffe hasn’t helped himself with his repeated claims that Critical Race Theory isn’t taught in Virginia schools. He killed his campaign when he repeatedly claimed parents shouldn’t have a voice in their child’s education.

Glenn Youngkin is the complete opposite of McAuliffe and is all about parental rights:

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Terry McAuliffe still hasn’t backed down on his claim about CRT and parental involvement in schools. This is a huge self-inflicted wound that could cost him the election.

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