Big news breaking as California’s own Senator Dianne Feinstein has conceded in terms of what Christine Blasey Ford is saying about Brett Kavanaugh, the latest nominee for Supreme Court.

Ford has made allegations that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her during their high school years. This is over 30 years ago and brought out right when Kavanaugh is supposed to be confirmed into the Supreme Court.

Democrats had this information a while ago and did nothing with it.

Ford can’t remember all the details.

Kavanaugh denies everything. Two of his ex-girlfriends spoke out and stood up for him. Another one of his friends backed him up as well.

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Kavanaugh denies even being at the same party as Ford.

Ford was offered to testify about this on Monday, but she took a while to respond. At first, it seemed like she may not show up at all, and we reported on that earlier. Now she wants an FBI investigation. But hold on a second, she isn’t running the show here. The United States government is. She does not call the shots and neither does her lawyer.

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Fast-forward all the way up to now and Feinstein is conceding! She’s now saying that she can’t say if everything is truthful or not. She doesn’t know. Exactly! No one knows what happened 30+ years ago, but we do know one thing – this all seems very suspicious like a setup that was once done to Clarence Thomas.

National Review quoted Feinstein as saying “[Ford] is a woman that has been, I think, profoundly impacted. On this . . . I can’t say that everything is truthful. I don’t know.” It was stated that she told this to reporters on Capitol Hill when someone asked her if she believes the allegations.

To make matters worse, it was Feinstein who first learned of these accusations by Ford back in July. It was reported that Ford sent her a letter. Why didn’t she tell the Judiciary Committee about this while they were doing Kavanaugh’s vetting? Sounds weird, right?

Feinstein was asked that question and she said “I don’t know; I’ll have to look back and see,” Feinstein told reporters before entering the Senate chamber, according to the New York Times. “The answer is that she asked that it be confidential,” she said upon exiting the chamber.”

Chuck Grassley, Judiciary Committee chairman, scheduled the public hearing for Ford and Kavanaugh on Monday. They are set to testify. She still may not show up as she has not technically accepted the invitation – even though they said she would be OK with going under oath.

Maybe she doesn’t want to commit perjury.

If she doesn’t show up on Monday, then Grassley cancels it and confirmation for Kavanaugh continues.

People like Jeff Flake (R-AZ) will agree to support Kavanaugh if his accuser does not appear.

Democrats asked for the FBI investigation, but the only reason for that is to deny the inevitable. Kavanaugh gets in one way or the other and the Democrats are just playing games at this point.

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