Two weeks ago, we reported on the violent groups Antifa, Black Bloc and the non-profit group BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) who converged on Trump supporters in Berkeley simply because they were coming together to show their support for our president.

The video below is an excellent summary of what was reported by citizen journalists who attended the rally.

Unfortunately, the violence at the pro-Trump rally was allowed to get out of control and the Berkeley police did very little to control the masked cowards on the left who were hell-bent on threatening the free-speech rights of several hundred Trump supporters.
Outspoken conservative author Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak at Berkeley College at the invitation of the Young America’s Foundation (YAR). Berkeley College canceled her confirmed speech and asked that she reschedule next month when students were not going to be in class. Ann told Berkeley College she would continue with her speech without their approval, at which time Berkeley College allegedly informed her that students coming to hear her speak would not be receiving protection from the police.
Ann decided to cancel her speech and Berkeley essentially won. Prominent figures on the left like Bill Maher and even Bernie Sanders came to her defense calling Berkeley’s decision to silence her shameful. Here are a few tweets from Ann on the topic:
ann coulter tweetsA few days after Ann’s decision, some very popular conservatives on Twitter came together and agreed to host the free-speech event without Ann Coulter as a way to show Americans that free-speech will not be silenced.

Gavin McGinnis made his announcement on Twitter with a Youtube video (language warning):

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Here’s a video of the first protester coward arrested for refusing to remove his mask.

Here is a LIVE stream provided by citizen journalist Tim Pool:

Citizen journalist extraordinaire Lauren Southern, who is one of the scheduled speakers at the event is also live-streaming from the event.

Click below to watch LIVE stream:

Southern explains why she won’t back down from free-speech rally. “Cancelling sends a message that violence works”:

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