Besides Barack Obama and Al Sharpton, there isn’t another “so-called” leader in the black community who throws around race as arrogantly and irresponsibly as Maxine Waters. It appears as though the former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke isn’t about to sit back and allow Maxine to get away with her 24/7 hate speech without being called out. For anyone who’s tired of the double standard, you will likely agree, that Clarke hits the nail on the head with Maxine’s new nickname.

FOX News – The New York Times reported earlier this week that Sessions felt “humiliated” after Trump accused him of “disloyalty” because he recused himself from the Justice Department’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

Trump “unleashed a string of insults” at Sessions, who would later go on to say Trump’s reprimanding was the most humiliating event he experienced as a public servant, according to the Times.

Never one to miss an opportunity to criticize President Trump, dingbat Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters likened Trump’s alleged response to Sessions recusal to the racism African Americans feel. Say what? 

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., tweeted Friday that Attorney General Jeff Sessions now knows how African-Americans feel after he was reportedly “humiliated” by President Trump over his recusal in the Russia investigation.

On a podcast in May, Waters referred to Sessions as “very dangerous,” before adding, “I think he’s a racist, and I think that he absolutely believes that it’s his job to keep minorities in their place.”

“To Jeff Sessions, how does it feel to be dragged & humiliated? Now you know how the African Americans you disrespected feel,” she tweeted.

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To which the former sheriff, David Clarke brilliantly responded: “It’s obvious that Maxine Waters hates white people. That would make her a black supremacist.” 

Karma can be ugly, but in Maxine Waters case, it’s a beast…

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