The media obsession with delegitimizing Trump’s presidency won’t end until he leaves Washington. Thanks to the behavior of the wounded RINO’s, and the petulant and even violent Democrats, that won’t likely happen until 2024. Fox News’ Chris Wallace is no exception…

The AP, CNN, People Magazine and other mainstream media, fake news outlets used pictures of the crowds at Obama’s inauguration to compare to the crowd’s at Trump’s inauguration. The only problem is, the picture they used for Trump’s inauguration crowd was taken before Trump’s actual speech, where the crowds were much larger.

Of course, there was never a comparison between Obama and George W. Bush’s inauguration crowds, because instead of the full-blown media assassination attempt we see against President Trump, the post-inauguration media coverage was more like an all out effort to canonize Barack Obama by our sycophant media.

The media completely ignored the fact that threats of violence were being made by Soros funded groups against Trump supporters since the day after the election. They ignored the open threats made against anyone who dared to attend Trump’s inauguration.

Trump supporters were forced to climb over human blockades to get around before, during and after the inauguration.
Trump supporters were forced to climb over human blockades to get around before, during and after the inauguration.

Anti-Trump rioters made good on their threats. They used human chains to lock visitors out of certain areas including check points where Trump supporters had to pass through in order to get to the inauguration and to the parade.

Watch this husband and wife, as they are split up by human barricades. The husband manages to break through the barricade but the wife is trapped and unable to join him. (Does anyone remember seeing this on the news?):

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Fires were started everywhere on the streets. Rioters wearing black ski masks and carrying sledge hammers they used to bust out windows of banks and vehicles were roaming the streets as well.

black bloc
Violent anti-Trump rioters didn’t exactly make it easy for Trump supporters to navigate around before or during the inauguration.

None of these threats existed prior to or during Obama’s inauguration. It’s pretty safe to say that angry Democrats and anarchists roaming the streets looking for trouble didn’t make for the most family friendly environment. Many Trump supporters admitted they wouldn’t attend the inauguration because they feared violence against them and their children. But the media just glossed over the fear factor created by the Left, and chalked it up to Trump’s sudden (according to fake polls) “unpopularity.”

Here are the propaganda photos used by the media to discredit Trump.

For the record, here is an actual picture that was taken during Trump’s inaugural speech. The mall appears to be jam packed with Trump supporters:

Facebook photo
Facebook photo

Chris Wallace jumped on the mainstream media train this morning and attempted to discredit Trump and his Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Chris Wallace asked to have the picture comparing Trump and Obama’s crowds up on the screen for the viewers to see before confronting  Reince Priebus. Priebus responded, “You’re also not saying that that picture was taken before he even began speaking.” Chris Wallace freaks, and asks to have the picture put back up again (which of course doesn’t change what Priebus just said).


Fox News’ Senior Political Analyst, who also attended the inauguration, tells a much different story than the one Wallace was trying to paint. Perhaps Wallace should have consulted with Hume, since they both work for the same network. Perhaps he should have asked about how the violent protesters affected the number of people who were actually able to make it to the inauguration. To be sure, Brit Hume was no cheerleader for Donald Trump leading up to the election, but at least he had the integrity to tell the truth about the deceitful media’s attempt to prove Trump supporters have somehow magically deserted him.

Brit Hume is also one of the only journalists to point out the seriousness of these violent rioters and says they need to be held responsible for the damage they did to other people’s property:

Fox just announced they won’t be renewing the contract of anti-Trumper George Will. Perhaps it’s time to make Chris Wallace and Shep Smith next on the cutting block….

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