Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has announced his plans to hold all manufacturers of the COVID-19 vaccine accountable for their misleading marketing of the shot and their false claims about its effectiveness and side effects.

At a recent event for the Republican Party of Florida, DeSantis spoke about his issues with the big tech companies and pharmaceutical companies. First, DeSantis aired his grievances about the censorship of right-wing views on social media.

“The tech companies are trying… to use massive power, massive ability to shape the narrative to enforce orthodoxy and to marginalize dissenting views,” said DeSantis.

After communicating his frustration with online censorship, DeSantis went on to discuss the mischaracterizations of the COVID-19 vaccine by the pharmaceutical companies who were trying to force everyone in the country to get the jab. DeSantis also criticized the manufacturers for presenting the vaccine as if there were no side effects, a claim that ended up being completely false.

Now people are realizing there can be serious side effects to the vaccine, which doesn’t even protect against the COVID-19 virus like the pharmaceutical companies and Democratic Party tried to convince everyone.

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DeSantis made it clear he would not be letting the responsible parties off the hook. He said, “We are going to work to hold these manufacturers accountable for this mRNA, because they said there was no side effects, and we know there have been – a lot.”

The Florida governor added that a study that was carried out in Florida revealed “an 86% increase in cardiac-related activity from people 18-39 from mRNA shots.”

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“We’re gonna be doing some stuff to bring accountability there,” continued DeSantis. He then reminded his audience that he kept the citizens of Florida from being forced to get the vaccine.

He added that “there are other people around the country that got forced to take [the vaccine], and then what? They’re not allowed to sue or get any type of recourse when this is not something that they wanted to do?”

“So this is something that we’re gonna lead on in Florida, so we’re gonna have, probably some announcements over the next three or four weeks on that,” said DeSantis.


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