Democrat Alan Dershowitz dismissed a major argument Democrats have been making against Donald Trump Jr., and said it’s clearly “unconstitutional”. This brilliant Harvard Law professor is a Democrat who is FED UP with the left’s constant Russia mantra! He knows there’s nothing there and tells Judge Jeanine:

Democrats have been arguing that laws stop campaigns from receiving anything of “value” from foreign entities, and have said  that items of “value” can also be information.

That’s their reasoning for why they think Trump’s campaign violated election laws when Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer who said she had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Not so fast! Harvard Law’s Alan Dershowitz told Judge Jeanine that campaign finance laws have never been prosecuted that way and that using the law to prosecute people who obtain information from non-U.S. sources would violate the First Amendment: “Under the campaign finance laws, I mean, there is a claim that if you get something of value, and they’re alleging that information… from a foreign national could be, you know, stretched out to mean, you know, words.”

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Judge Jeanine asked “Is that something that’s ever been prosecuted?”

Dershowitz replied: “Of course not, and if it were to be prosecuted, the First Amendment would trump. A candidate has a right to get information from whatever source the information comes.”

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Dershowitz then made the key point that just as newspapers are free to print any information they obtain from others, even when the source obtains it illegally, candidates for office have the same right to get information anywhere they want.

He also stressed again there is no legal precedent to treat information as money under U.S. campaign finance laws: “You can’t include information under the campaign finance law. That would be unconstitutional.”

These are very key points that the press refuses to make clear for people – Have you heard this anywhere? Note that this is coming from a DEMOCRAT who was a Hillary Clinton supporter! Please pass on to anyone who  has been listening to the hysteria from the lefty media and even FOX News! 

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