This is one of the best accounts we’ve seen of who REALLY committed a crime in all of this craziness. Judge Napolitano is dead on with his assessment of the unmasking for political reasons: Were senators under surveillance by Obama administration? Rand Paul and other Senators were under surveillance for political purposes according to Senator Paul.

“The unmasking using the name that was unmasked for political reasons is a FELONY.”

The principal unmasker is Susan Rice so Susan Rice needs to be dealt with. Did she unmask illegally and for political purposes?

Senator Rand Paul talks about FBI Director James Comey being fired by President Donald Trump. Paul believes Comey should have been fired a long time ago for some major missteps during his tenure including the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida. Paul also talks about Susan Rice unmasking Innocent Americans and spying on them, the Obama administration spying on Donald Trump and other Republicans.

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