Justice Clarence Thomas is perhaps the most reliable conservative vote on the Supreme Court.

Thomas has taken a more vocal role in the Supreme Court after Justice Scalia’s passing, including writing opinions, asking questions during cases, and speaking to the media.

On Monday, Thomas joined a chorus of conservative voices who have said that it should be easier to sue the media for defamation.

President Trump, who has repeatedly been defamed by the mainstream media, has said the same thing in the past.

Conservative figures who have been defamed have made a point of holding the media accountable of the last year, including Kyle Rittenhouse and Nicholas Sandmann.

The Epoch Times Reports

It should be easier to sue media organizations for defamation, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said on June 27 as he dissented from the court’s decision not to take up a defamation case. Former President Donald Trump has also said the legal bar is currently set too high in media defamation lawsuits.

Thomas’s comments came in response to the court’s decision not to accept an appeal brought by Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based D. James Kennedy Ministries, which sued the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for defamation for including it in its controversial public database of so-called hate groups. The SPLC is a well-heeled far-left public interest law firm and publisher of newsletters.

Critics say the SPLC smears mainstream conservative and Christian organizations by lumping them in with real-life extremist and terrorist groups in its database, and also treats opposition to illegal or legal immigration, open borders, and multiculturalism as hate, and political expression of those views as hate speech.

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