Good news for supporters of the Trump-endorsed, conservative GOP candidate for governor in Arizona Kari Lake—she’s increased her lead over the Democrat candidate Katie Hobbs.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

The strategy of the very unlikeable Ms. Hobbs to demonize Lake for speaking out on behalf of free and fair elections and attacking the border crisis in their state doesn’t appear to be working with Arizona voters.

Watch the former news anchor Kari Lake boldly attack Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ failure to secure our border and explain how it’s harming the neighborhoods like Scottsdale, AZ:

Lake, who is a brilliant communicator, has repeatedly called out Hobbs for refusing to debate her. Lake’s new poll numbers show that exposing Hobbs as a coward for refusing to appear with her in a public forum to discuss their vision and goals for the state, appears to be a winning strategy.

Interactive Polls tweeted the latest Trafalgar poll that shows Lake up by 4.4%, almost a 4 pt. jump in a little over two weeks:

In addition to Trump-endorsed Kari Lake moving up in the lead, the Trafalgar polling also shows Trump-endorsed Mark Finchem who is running for Sec. of State defeating his Democrat opponent and Trump-endorsed GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters coming within two points of the far-left incumbent, and anti-Second Amendment Senator Mark Kelly.

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