Al Sharpton’s been getting rich on pushing hate and division in America for decades. Even before Obama gave him the unofficial title of Secretary of Race Hustling, Sharpton was out pushing racial issues so he could make a buck on the misery of others. Now that Obama is gone, and Sharpton has accomplished absolutely nothing on behalf of the black community, the black leaders are finally telling him he is officially irrelevant. It looks like Sharpton’s chickens may finally be coming home to roost…

Skip Al Sharpton’s March on Washington on Saturday, the president of the National Black Church Initiative told members of the network’s 34,000 churches Friday afternoon.

NBCI’s statement, released a day before Sharpton’s march, slammed the Rev. for squandering his “carte blanche access” to the Obama White House, claiming that he “blew an opportunity to secure critical issues that affect the African American community.” Instead of pursuing meaningful changes, “Al Sharpton and his liberal friends took the time to get rich,” the news release says.

On Saturday morning, NBCI’s president, Rev. Anthony Evans, explained his opposition to Sharpton’s march in an interview with Heat Street.

“They’re asking our churches to march when they’ve had all the power for the past eight years? We’re not doing that. That’s poppycock. … We’re holding Sharpton accountable. We’re not participating in Sharpton’s speech. We have created our own agenda,” Evans said.

In the past, NBCI has said that the Democratic Party has not met the needs of its black constituents, slamming both Sharpton and the National Black Caucus. It has also been highly critical Donald Trump, whom NBCI has called “the biggest racist since Bull Connor.”

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Sources interviewed by Heat Street varied in their assessment of NBCI’s political influence. Evans said the group’s 34,000 affiliate churches together have 15.7 million members, spanning 15 denominations.

NBCI’s takedown of Sharpton comes as he has struggled to draw a crowd to his March on Washington on Saturday.

A source at Sharpton’s march estimated that 2,000, at most, were there as of noon, adding that the drizzly, chilly weather may be suppressing turnout. Another source put that number below 1,000. CPSAN is live-streaming the event, and its footage shows a sparse-looking crowd.

Speaking at the March, Sharpton tried to ward off criticism about the low turnout. “They’re going to lie tomorrow and say wasn’t but 200 of us, but look at this crowd in the rain,” Sharpton said at around 12:17 p.m., addressing attendees.

For entire story: Heat Street

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