Judy Woodruff has been a staple on liberal leaning PBS for so long that it’s hard to remember she started out in Atlanta just decades ago…LOL! Here’s the best clip of the week where Woodruff tries to bait our good friend Jessica Vaughn of The Center for Immigration Studies in answering this question: Did Pres. Trump send a message that every one of the undocumented immigrants in the U.S. is a threat?
I’ve called Jessica Vaughan “my hero” because she’s simply brilliant with facts on immigration and doesn’t get off message when interviewed by the left. Watch how she stays calm and just states the facts to Woodruff…AWESOME!

If you haven’t heard of the Center for Immigration Studies, please go check them out: CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES. They are THE BOMB…THE TRUTH BOMB!


Jessica Vaughn Rocks!

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